In Memory of Wildcard

Barn Name: Rio

Rio is an IALHA registered Half-Andalusian born on May 25, 2011. This special boy has been with us since he was a sperm in a box! At 16.1HH with a strong build this boy is substantial. He is chalk full of character an integral part of our Mounted Archery Club and certainly one of our master teachers.
Rio is proficient at Mounted Archery, Pair Bond Training, Problem Solving, Trail Riding, Obstacles and is dabbling in Jumping.

Laid to rest on April 3, 2024

Blain Eros Fantasia

Barn Name: Fantasia

Fantasia is a 15HH, registered Canadian Horse born on June 8, 2018. Marina bought her from Alberta, in foal, in July 2022. She is the dam of our future herd sire, Kador. This mare is as beautiful as she is kind and intelligent! She is currently in training to become a well rounded riding horse with a future as one of our Paladin Horse Archers Club horse.

Available for Part-Board or Lease - This is a rare opportunity to work closely with Marina while developing a young horse undersaddle. Perfect for the aspiring Trainer!


Barn Name: Pearl

Pearl is a 12.2HH, 15 year old Welsh/Appy Pony. She has had 4 fabulous foals for us, including the beloved Larkin, and is now off Mama duty and onto more fun with human friends! She is very sweet and maybe just a little strong willed, but boy does she work hard for her cookies! One of the cutest things about her is her little nicker when she knows a cookie is on its way. Pearl is a wonderful mover, is super traffic safe, and trained undersaddle. We hope that she will show her skills for Mounted Archery this season too!

Available for Part-Board


Barn Name: Larkin

Larkin is a very unique Pony. She is out of Pearl (WelshxAppy) and by a PercheronxNewfoundland Pony! Larkin was born on July 17, 2020 and is currently 12.3HH. She is a calm and confident girl who just loves her human companions. Larkin loves to come out and play, she is also traffic safe and enjoys a good stroll in the woods.

Available for Part-Board or Lease - For Groundwork Only. We don't begin undersaddle training with our horses until they are 5 years old.

Fox Fernando

Barn Name: Fox

Fox is a super sporty little dude! This boy will mature a large pony and is a registered Half-Andalusian with the IALHA. He was born June 5, 2023 and will be ready to leave to his own perfect home after he is gelded in June 2024. He is out of Pearl and by our Andalusian Stallion, Pyrite. he has 2 full brothers (2021 & 2022).

Available For Sale: $7500.00

Aura Quartz

Barn Name: Aura

Aura is a adorable Andalusian filly registered with the IALHA. She was born April 5th, 2021 and came to PEI from Alberta in December of 2022. She sure loves people and just thinks they are the bees knees. We love watching this girl blossom into the confident and bold mare she is sure to become.

Available for Part-Board or Lease - For Groundwork Only. We don't begin undersaddle training with our horses until they are 5 years old.


Barn Name: Quita

Quita is a rare registered Spanish Mustang with a sorted past. She has a giant heart and expects kind and fair handling - she will not except anything less. Her birthday is April 2, 2002 and she stands a small but mighty 13.2HH.  Quita is proficient at Pair Bond Training, Problem Solving, Trail Riding, and developing her Mounted Archery skills (walk/trot so far).

Available for Part-Board or Lease

Alysia RW

Barn Name: Kyanite

Kyanite is one of our beloved broodmares. Her birthday is April 2, 2007. She lives with Pyrite and is his main girlfriend. She is a beautiful black IALHA registered Andalusian mare standing 15HH. She is a super sweetheart and loves to be loved on. Sadly she is not sound for riding due to a paddock injury but that doesn't prevent her from living her horsey life in her small herd.

Swan Creek Thristen

Barn Name: Pyrite

Pyrite is our current herd sire, a stunning 15HH Andalusian registered with the IALHA. He was born on April 4, 2010. He is a fabulous stallion who takes great pride in his foals and wonderful care of his mares. He has a preference for greys and palominos but still loves Kyanite all the same! He lives in as natural a setting as we can manage and usually tolerates his foals until they are 10 months old - at which point he's ready for them to fly the coop, but then again, so are the mares!

Courage Espresso Kador

Barn Name: Kador

Kador has a big bright future ahead of him! He is just GORGEOUS and is a registered Canadian Horse born here on PEI on May 1, 2023. He will be the herd sire of our Canadian breeding program in the future, as well as being Marina's personal horse. He even has Marina's profile as his star! For now he gets to be a horse and grow while we watch and admire him daily.

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