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We welcome you to share in our life's passion at our home in beautiful Farmington, Prince Edward Island.

3632 Veteran's Memorial Highway



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Uniquely You

Experiences at Elemental Acres are personal and customizable. Our team is happy to cater to the individual guest while maintaining the utmost respect and care for the wellbeing of the horses we partner with.

Equine/Nature Connection

Connect with Horses

This is a 2.5 Hour experience with our beautiful eclectic herd. We have geldings, mares, a stallion, and usually a foal or two frolicking around.

In this experience you will:

  • meet the horses and explore their world

  • learn about the 7 Mindful Movements

  • get hands on with the horse that chooses you

  • feel the joy of positive reinforcement training


  • $150 for a private experience

  • $50 for each addition guest (maximum 4 guests)

Discover your Inner Warrior!

Horseback Archery

This is a 3 hour experience with our trusted and experienced war horses. This is a unique opportunity to get a taste of the empowering art of Horseback Archery!

In this experience you will:

  • be guided through ground archery drills specific to horseback archery

  • meet the horses

  • learn about the 7 Mindful Movements

  • shoot off horseback


  • $225 for a private experience

  • $400 for a semi private experience