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Meet the family...

Our family at Elemental Acres is compiled of humans, horses, a donkey, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, trees, flowers, grasses, birds, insects... All play a vital role in the symphony of life here on this serene hilltop by the bog. Here, however, we would like to showcase the key members of the Elemental Acres team who guests are likely to interact with most.

mini province. Mini Adventure.

Hoof Prints

Join us for a morning walk with our miniature equine companions, Archie and Trigger. Click the button below for more info!

Pair Bond Training

By way of the horses’ nature. Herd. Prey. Size. They can bring out the best in us.

archery, archery & More archery!

Calling All Warriors

Offering a variety of ways for you to connect with our Horse partners and experience horse archery. Join our Paladin Horse Archers club as a monthly member for exclusive access to CFMA events, or join us for private lessons or even half day group playshops for an immersive experience into horseback archery as a Paladin Horse Archer.

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