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Pair Bond Training:

The 7 Mindful Movements

The 7 Mindful Movements were originally developed to help horse owners better understand their horses and thus be able to connect more deeply with them. The result is a next level partnership. The 7 Mindful Movements are still used for that purpose today.

These movements are, you guessed it, 7 seemingly simple movements that allow you to become acquainted through a kind of courting dance with the horse. This dance opens an amazing channel of communication and movement with the horse, as though you are one of the herd.

Marina noticed a pattern in her lessons while teaching the 7 Mindful Movements. People would usually have experiences with the horses that would mirror something in their own life. This would usually result in beautiful self reflection.

By way of the horses’ nature. Herd. Prey. Size. They can bring out the best in us.

Possibly even more impressive is the horse's ability to create a very zen environment. While at the same time, they have the potential for chaos. They are duality in the flesh.

One of the most inspiring things about horses is their herd life. The way they thrive as a community is quite peaceful and harmonious over all. It’s admirable and we humans could learn a lot from their conduct.

So join Marina and her team of horses as they guide you through The 7 Mindful Movements in a peaceful environment thriving with natural life.

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Note: The Half and Full Day Experiences can be adjusted to suit up to 8 people

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