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I am a passionate woman. I'm driven to be the best version of myself, for the horses, for the planet, and for all that have to interact with me, including me. I think it's important to know that I do not subscribe to hierarchical thinking. I do not believe in any being as more superior to another. Just different, and all of them have wisdom.

I remain open to more knowledge and insight as I make my way through life. Speaking of the horses specifically, I am driven to do right by them and them alone. My number one focus with horses is improving their wellbeing all around. This of course includes the way they are handled and trained.

I created and teach Pair Bond Training to help other humans searching to connect deeply with their horses. Pair Bond Training is an ethical and ethological approach to developing a healthy relationship between horse and human. Pair Bond Training is amazing because it eliminates the causes for many behavioural issues, without ever having to focus on them specifically. This is because it works WITH our horses innate instincts instead of suppressing them.

I also teach Positive Reinforcement Training, or Clicker Training. Something I once never imagined. I now see it's immense value. I resisted it before because I felt the whole concept belittled the intelligence and consciousness of the horse. I now see it differently. I see the way it can ease a lot of confusion and make the learning process so much easier on the horse. Apart from that, the biggest benefit I see is that it makes teaching easier for the human. Thanks to that it eases frustration for all and improves the horse's wellbeing. Which again, is of the utmost importance to me.

Archery & Yoga


My relationship with yoga far predates my archery practice, and when archery was introduced to me it was impossible for me to not draw the connection between the two activities. They are both very mindful practices.

I have a passion for alignment and helping others understand better how to use their body in a more optimal way - which will be unique to each individual. I am a Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher, which is certainly a part of how I show up as a horseback archery coach as well. Maintaining physical integrity within yoga postures, and when practicing horseback archery, are key factors in my training methods. The effects of focused mindful movements paired with presence and conscious breathing ripple into everything we do.

I am available for 1:1 sessions in yoga and will have an outdoor group yoga class schedule for the warmer months. 

Mark of all Trades


Our super talented, artistic support man! He is an integral part of how we have, and continue to create an empowering space here!